Awesome Tanks 2
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The game is an awesome time killing and interesting game. Collect money, buy ammo and upgrade your tank!

You can collect coins by destroying enemy tanks, but coins disappear after a while if you leave them there, collect all coins in order to buy new weapons and to upgrade them.

Awesome Tanks 2 friv has 15 levels to play. New level unlocks by passing the previous level.

Awesome tanks 2 online

Awesome Tanks 2 has 3 types of enemy: bosses, turrets and enemy tanks. Enemy tanks patrol around the map to fire you. If you move behind there firing range they will stop engaging. check cool-math games

Tanks are just like turrets, but the do not move around the map since they are immobile. Turrets have much higher damage power and health as compared to tanks. Tanks with extra health, damage and more armor are the bosses and they have much faster fire rate.

An amazing time killing game brought to you by There are many top hand picked games for you to play at school to pass boring lectures.