Bob The Robber

Bob the robber Play free on , This time the robbery of the criminal will be a lot greater than in the initial segment of the game. Presently you can not just victimize rich individuals by common strategies. You will approach excessively current devices: an ace key, a boost drink, a camera, an immobilizer and a covering splash.

A covering splash will make you imperceptible, regardless of whether Bob the robber is moving. When you get to know the contraptions and get something, we will have the capacity to begin the diversion.

The ace key will help you immediately open the locks of differing unpredictability. The camera can take a moment photograph and the robber Bob will cover the camera with a photograph. A boost drink will make you quicker for some time.

You will search through the houses and different structures that are packed with security frameworks. Be watchful and have the capacity to accomplish your objective