The truffle can be found in Europe as well as the United States, Chile, New Zealand, and Australia and is always considered to be an extremely valuable commodity, so much so that the Chinese are importing their own truffles even though they are of inferior quality. The truffle, whether black white or burgundy varieties can be made into a wide assortment of additions and condiments that will absolutely enhance almost any food we eat. Increasingly there is a wide demand for butter truffle because it is versatile as it imparts so much flavouring into or on to foods. It can be purchased commercially or may be made at home quite easily by using truffle plus good quality butter.

Truffle butter with your breakfast? Why not!

If you have not tried truffle butter over your waffles or pancakes you are truly missing an amazing treat! All you need is a pound (or more) of good quality butter which may be salted or unsalted but must be warmed until it is somewhat soft but not yet liquid. Fresh or even frozen white truffles must be chopped up finely then incorporated into the warmed butter then stirred thoroughly until well blended. All it takes is a few grams of the truffle. If you already have some truffle oil (home made or store bought) use it instead. Refrigerate the mixture in a seal able bowl or jar and allow the savory flavoring to mix and mingle with the butter for at least several days. The stronger the aroma and taste of those truffles, the sooner the truffle butter will be ready for use. Black truffle will also make butter but the flavor of the black variety is almost too overpowering for a suitable butter. According to Emeril Lagasse (from Food Network) all you need to make a great tasting truffle butter is one pound of butter (unsalted) combined with a small amount of white truffle oil then add some salt to suit your taste. Place this combination on to a large sheet of plastic wrap and form the soft mixture to resemble a log which is about one inch in diameter. Wrap that tightly before storing in your refrigerator for a wide assortment of uses once it is firm and slice able. By using the unsalted variety of butter you control how much salt goes into your truffle butter for better flavor and economy.

A few suggestions but try out your own ideas for truffle butter

If you can get your hands on a small white truffle the uses for this delectable delightful little tuber are virtually endless. When making a butter keep in mind that every dish you would ordinarily add butter or oil to can be enhanced by using truffle butter. Try it drizzled over freshly popped corn, hot out of the oven dinner rolls or biscuits or toast, maybe mix it into scrambled eggs or omelettes. Other uses include slathering it over and beneath the skin of birds such as turkey, chicken, and duck. Add truffle butter to slices of bread then add on sliced cheese such as gouda, romano, asiago, or cheddar. The uses for truffle butter are only limited by the cook’s imagination!

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