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Mutilate a Doll 2

Multilate a doll Multilate a Doll 2 is one of the most famous games on the internet, it is rated number 1 in physics category games. MaD2 let you release stress by letting you multilate a doll or say a rag doll with number of dangerous items. Features Easy to destroy body parts and toolsHuge…

Happy Wheels

About Happy wheels HappyWheels (demo) is developed by TotalJerkface. With that numerous terrible faces in the game, the name “Add up to Jerkface” was an impeccable match. In case you’re interested about the full form of Happy Wheels, go look at their page in the application stores! Challenge yourself with The impossible quiz 

Run 3

 About Run 3 Begin running and hopping like there’s no tomorrow. As a matter of fact, the excite and fun are the ones that doesn’t end in this diversion called Run 3.Run 3 is one of best Action Games. Play Run 3 for Free Now! Or try The Impossible Quiz 

Escaping the Prison

Escaping The Prison Flash Game Escaping The Prison is a phenomenally fun stick figure flash game where you have to escape the jail! in the wake of being tossed in a jail cell, you should utilize everything without exception available to you to escape! Toilet Plungers, Anti-Gravity equipment, Teleporter,… Nothing is untouchable in your endeavor to…