Classic Pac-man

Pac-Man, Also know as Puckman, Is the first part of the pacman series. It was created by Namaco in 1980s, and published by Bally Midway for U.S. distribution. Pac-man was was the most popular and best played game back in time worldwide.

PacMan Gameplay

The player move the PacMan with the help of arrow keys through a map to eat Dots. Pac man can goes to the next stage when he have eaten all the dots. Blinky, Pinky, Inky and Clyde are 4 ghosts in pacman that patrol throughout the map, trying to eat Pac-Man. If a ghost touches him, a life is lost. The game’s over when all lives are taken by the ghosts

There are four bigger dots in the sides of the maze , known as Power Pellets, gives Pac-Man the temporary ability to kill the ghosts. When pac-man eats a power pellet all the ghosts turn into blue color and change there direction and becomes slower now when pac-man can eat them, when pacman eats a ghost it returns to its cage where its regenerates its powers and gain back there ability to eat puck man. If pac-man don’t eat the ghosts, the still get back there powers and blink in blue-white.