Desktop Tower Defense

Desktop tower defense is played on an office desk. It’s a flash based online game. A player must stop groups of creeps coming in sets in order to gain points and gold. desktop tower defense enemies known as creeps.

To stop creeps from reaching a specific place on the map, a player have to drag and drop some buildings that slows down the enemy creeps. Then shoots at them before they go past the line.

In desktop tower defense. The path of the creeps are based on the buildings that are built by the player, and find the shortest way to get past them. A player is not allowed to completely block the enemies. But can use strategies to make them go round and round to make long paths.

Creeps come in waves just like plant vs. zombies. There are different kinds of creeps with specific characteristics, like some move faster then others. Some are immune to certain towers, and some fly over defense, just like that.

During a game play, a boss or two will attack. These are just like creeps just bigger and powerful, that can take many hits to defeat. Play Desktop tower defense Now!