Earn To Die

Earn to die is a zombie killing drive free online game developed by Not Doppler. The main Objective of game is to reach a helicopter which is waiting almost 1 kilometer ahead. Play free on https://theimpossiblequizes.com

An individual sees a few zombies on his way and then looks at a helicopter with the help of binoculars and want to escape from there. 3 cars are to be bought and modified in order to complete this game.

Gameplay of This game is very easy. All you have to do is buy a car, make some money killing zombies. Upgrade the gadgets like, engine, tires, guns and boosts etc. Then buy the new cars to get as soon as possible to the helicopter.

Ending is very interesting, the survivor somehow reaches the helipad. But, some zombies grabs the helicopter and it lost control and crashes to the beginning of Earn to die 2012