Fireboy and Watergirl:

Fireboy and watergirl is one of the most amazing and popular games between kids and a lot of people who likes to play games online. Thereare 4 games in this series, but the most amazing is part 1, The fireboy and watergirl.

Fireboy And Watergirl

Watergirl and fireboy are always stuck in puzzling mazes and temples when they find a way out of previous one. They both need each other in order to accomplish the missions. Fireboy and watergirl can be played by two players, which is the more fun way, both players will play as a single character watergirl or fireboy. Or a single person can also play the role of both the boy and girl.

There are multiple fire and water pools, which you have to pass. Watergirl can freely step in water as she is water resistant. On the other hand fireboy is not vulnerable to fire so he can freely step in lava. There are pools of other liquids in black and green color in which both fire boy and water girl can not step in.

Your main task is to get both fire boy and water girl to the door in order to get to the next room of the maze. The fireboy have go to the gate set apart in red sign and the watergirl have to make her way to the gate set apart with a blue sign. On this journey, the two characters should get jewels that have same colors from themselves. You will get higher ranking the faster you get to the doors. Moreover, there are green jewels, that has to be collected by both the fire boy and water girl.

To pass a level, you need to press buttons to trigger lifts,push boxes and

Fireboy and Watergirl 2

In the maze of light, watergirl and fireboy can alter the light beams through the crystals and mirrors to guide them to the light sensitive sensors, and along these lines have the capacity to change the different segments on the screen.

Fireboy and watergirl 3

In the maze of Ice, laser pillars can soften ice, and solidifying beams solidify puddles with the goal that you can cross securely. In any case, note, in the maze of ice, watergirl cannot hop when strolling on ice. Fireboy moves immediately when strolling on the ice and watergirl strolls gradually. We ponder what will happen to the youngsters in the accompanying undertakings diversion fireboy and watergirl 2

Fireboy and Watergirl:

The game was created by Oslo Albert and conveyed by and by Armor Games.


Operate fireboy with Arrow keys and firegirl with A, S, D, W.

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