how to get free netflix

How To get Netflix for Free

Our team has found some legitimate ways to stream Netflix for free. No need to pay for Netflix when you have a free year from Verizon and other free trials. I am going to tell how I stream Netflix for totally free.
Maybe not everyone can afford Netflix when the prices are this high. But we have some found some tricks that can save you a lot!
Best and most easy way to watch free Netflix used by thousands of people

Netflix Free Trial

Netflix Free 1-month trials are the most used method of watching Netflix for free. But there is a catch, you will have to have a lot of e-mail addresses and credit cards in order to keep using free trials every month. You can use debit card or PayPal account for free Netflix trial. Every month you want to use a trial, you are going to need a new credit card and new e-mail address. Which means there will be a time you will run out of options on credit cards.

There’s good news. According to tomsguide, Netflix sometimes sends additional free trials to expired accounts. So, you might want to keep an eye on those e-mails.

Note that if you don’t want to pay, cancel free trials before the next billing date arrive. There is no need for any third-party app to remind you about the end of Netflix free trial. Netflix itself send an e mail 3 days before the free trial ends and before they start charging for it.

Netflix Account Sharing (Recommended)

I don’t pay a penny for my personal Netflix account. Yes! Netflix that is registered on my personal e-mail address, and its Premium UHD. How do I do this? This idea might sound cheap but it’s worth it. Just add a profile for new user to your Netflix account so your watching activity don’t mix up with other users.

You can save yourself 16$ every month if you somehow able to find understanding and generous friends and family members. First month of Netflix is always free so you can have enough time to find those friends and family members who are willing to pay less than half fees of Netflix each month. The more you share the better.

I have shared my Netflix account with 4 more users other than me. Netflix charges me on 12 of every month and before that, my friends pay me 4$ each. That’s how I make 16$ for Netflix. And I am using it for free.

netflix free account

Remember, the 8.99$ basic Netflix does not allow streaming simultaneously. If you really want to use Netflix for free then you must have 12.99$ standard (2 screens at the same time) or Premium (4 screens at the same time). My recommendation is to buy a Premium account as I am using the same, I haven’t faced any problems in whole year. For free.
How to get Netflix for free:

  1. Subscribe to Netflix you will get 1 free month services
    Now you have at least 30 days of Netflix for free, talk to your fiends and family to pay you a little amount for a single private profile.
  2. Give them 1 free month
  3. Make at least 4 users other then you.
    Ask them to pay as little as 4$ monthly. It will be a total some of 16$ and you will get to watch Netflix for free.

It is advised to start your Netflix after 10th of the month so you will have enough time to collect money from other users.