Jacksmith a weapon constructing game. In which you have to build great weapons all the fighters. Fighters will fight for you to the monsters that jacksmith can not fight with them. After defeating Duley, you can rescue Princess Liliana. Enemies with different elements like Stone, Fire, Wind, Lightning, Plant, Ice and Shadow you must defeat them. Shop is where you can buy weapon accessories, available after level one. Special power for all soldiers can be boosted by building epic weapons in Jacksmith

Jacksmith is the weapon crafting donkey. In Jacksmith, you are a metal forger making a wide scope of weapons for the majority of your warriors. Making weapons is totally involved. Pick your metal, pick your shape, soften it, pour it, develop it, and plan it. Regardless of whether it’s swords, bows, bolts, tomahawks, or others things, you’ll need abilities and procedure to make the ideal weapon. In the wake of making, it’s headed toward fight with your group of warriors.

As they battle, you assemble loot and control the cannons, and continue gaining ground towards the Great Wizard Dudley!

Jacksmith Game-play

As Jack smith. Regularly Scout ventures out in front of your wagon and reveals to you the assaulting enemies and which component they are weakened by. You make weapons as per what every warrior need. You work as quick as feasible for extra focuses in emeralds. It requires time investment to make the ideal weapons. In any case, you can make the weapons anyway you need. Toward the day’s end, you play a battle with your enemies, you help to shoot cannonballs by tapping the mouse or clicking a number 1,2,3,4 relying upon the bomb you need to shot. Enemies drop gems and weapon parts when the battle goes on, you have to gather them by hauling your cursor over them. In the event that any of your fighter’s weapon breaks amid the battle, he surrenders. In the event that you rout every one of the enemies of the day, you will get a money box with an Epic Weapon plan and its parts.

Jacksmith Weapons

Used By Warriors:

  • Swords
  • Arrow
  • Axes
  • Shields
  • Pikes
  • Maces

Used by Jacksmith

  • Repair Bombs
  • Cannonballs
  • Firebombs
  • Booster bomb
  • Ice Bomb