Super smash flash 2 Unblocked

The World’s Famous Online Game Super Smash Flash 2 is here, Created by Super Smash Flash 2 Developer Group and Issued by McLeod Gaming. Predecessor to Super Smash Flash that was not really appreciated by a lot of people back in the days. Super smash flash 2 is based on super smash bros series. This Online unblocked game contains many animated characters from Super smash Bros still super smash flash 2 is not a copy.

super smash 2 unblocked

Super Smash Flash Online Game play:

Super Smash Flash 2 online gameplay is not like the old fighting games, it has a unique health meter that increases with damage, the more the damage, it is easier to knock the opponent out of the picture or stage.

Unlike Super smash flash, the controls of super smash flash 2 are way different, for instance, the arrow keys are assigned to P2 and W, S, A, D keys are for P1. For attacks 1,2 and O,P respectively, options are available to alter controls in settings.

SSF2 comprises different game mode, you can play super smash flash 2 online in time mode or stock mode and also both at the same time. Player gets 1 point when knock out the opponent and loses point when get knocked out by the opponent, the player with more points wins when the time runs out, in time mode. In case of a tie match, there is a death match between both players, the best one wins.

On the other hand, in stock mode, both players have limited number of lives, when a player runs out of all its lives, he loses the match and the other one wins.

SSF2 P1 Game Controls:

W: Move Up

A: Move Left

S: Move Back

D: Move Right

U: Hold Opponent

I: Shield for Attack

1: Taunt

O: Attack 1

P: Attack 2

Backspace: Pause

Space: Select

Super Smash Flash 2 History:

The development of Super smash Flash 2 unblocked was started in 2010, and is still in progress to provide best game experience, the first past of super smash flash was not a big success as ssf2, it is one of the most trending online game worldwide. SSF2 or Super smash flash 2  is a better version of Nintendo game Super Smash Bros. Created by mcleodgaming.

Characters in SSF2:

Different number of Fighting Characters in SSF2 unblocked belongs to different worlds, all of them have different attacking abilities. The common attack that all of the characters share is called Final Smash. Other then that, they have different special and standard attacks.

Super Smash Flash 2 Starter Characters:

Starter characters are referred to those characters that are available in the start of super smash flash 2 online game, there are 38 starter character available while starting super smash flash 2 for the first time.

SSF 2 unlockable Characters

Unlock-able characters are referred to those characters  that we have to defeat in challenge to unlock them.

 More About SSF2:

Just like starter & unlockable characters, there are Starter & unlockable stages in Supersmashflash2, to unlock those stages you have to meet certain requirements in the ssf2 online game.